Mays BC Meet Up

This month we are doing the recession buster burger club meet up. We will be meeting at …..drum roll…

Poag Mahone’s

333 South Wells Street
Chicago, IL 60604
(312) 566-9100

Monday May 24th at 6:00pm

it’s $2.50 burger night…that’s right 2 dolla and fidy cent…are my expectations high..NO

but a few peeps have exalted the $2.50 burger.


DMK Burger Bar-Review

The place:

DMK Burger Bar

2954 North Sheffield Avenue
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 360-8686

over all score: 7.66

There were 9 BC members at DMK on May 2nd and we tried to sample as much as we could. DMK has an upscale bar vibe with exposed brick, lofty ceilings and pub tables. They have an interesting bar menu of hand crafted cocktails and boutique beers and spirits (sorry I didn’t look at wine).

The staff was very friendly and put together a large table for us. The menu lists a large array of burger options including lamb, turkey, vegetarian and salmon. Each burger is designed with particular toppings made to compliment each other on the taste buds. In a similar vein the offer fires with different toppings and dipping sauces. There are other menu options with salads and such but this is Burger Club, so let’s get to the meat of the review.

Most everyone will find a burger a like on this menu (at least in print), they cook to their temperature and will not cook any burger less than medium-wellish.  The server told me the patty’s are too thin to cook less than that. I must interject here, I spent 20 years in the food biz and while it can be challenging, I should be able to get my burger cooked to my liking..I’m just saying.

The sides are great, we tried all 4 kinds of fries and they were flavorful and looked great. They had fried pickles ,okra and some onion strings as well that were very good and some of BC peeps favorite of the day.

There has been a lot of difference of opinion over the burgers. Some people felt they were stellar but didn’t like the bun, others liked the bun and toppings but felt the patty was ok. I tasted 5 burgers including my own, I ordered the lamb, everyone else had beef. The lamb burger was fantastic with feta, greek salad and olive tapenade. It had great flavor and balance. The other burgers I tasted were good, because of the toppings. Member, Sweet Baby Ray, got the DMK mac, 3 patties cheese all stacked up. By itself the meat good and juicy. But I’ve had better patties that could stand-alone.

A final note while the staff was friendly and attentive, everyone burger came out at once except mine. I had to wait 7-10 minutes for my food. That isn’t cool.

Taster #1: 8.3

comments: bun had nice texture but weird chalkiness, the patty was juicy and delicious and the fried onion strings were the bomb.

Taster #2:8.07

no comments

Taster #3: 7.7

comments: I had he #5 but I felt the lamb burger was the best

Taster #4: 7.2

comments: the bun was very blah, the toppings were flavorful, the patty was tasty and the fried pickles were the win.

Taster #5: 7.55

comments: The bun scored low points because of the flour residue on top otherwise it would have been 9.

Taster #6: 8.0

comments: The lamb burger I ordered was excellent but it came 7-10 minutes after everyone else food at the table.

Taster #7: 6.3

comments: When the lamb burger is the best burger on the table, you need to re-work your beef patty.

Taster #8: 6.65

comments: Low point of the experience was the patty, which was pedestrian at best. I really enjoyed the truffle fries and the service was very attentive.

Taster #9: 8.83

comments: Juicy burger, great service, awesome sides but, the cupcake was dry

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Aprils Challenge Winner

the envelope please………………..

The Pepper Canister way exceeded most of our expectations.

With 7 members rising to  the challenge most  felt the Pepper Canister was a better burger than English
members comments:

on English:

-The only thing I would go back to English for was the hot bartender.

-I was satisfied with the service, wasn’t the greatest and not the worst

-I had such high expectation for English and sadly everyone’s burger on my group was way over cooked and dry.Maybe it was an off night?

-the burger was made just the way I like it! I got the burger with 3 toppings, bacon, cheddar and avocado and it only enhanced the flavor of the burger.

On the Pepper Canister

Lovely grill marks on a perfectly cooked burger. More of a solid bar burger than gourmet but it was good.

-So juicy and tasty, I wanted another one….

-Was cooked as ordered, great meat to bun ratio. The bun and toppings are basic burger fare but still great without the fancy pants add ons.

-burger came overcooked and bun was disappointing.

May’s Burger Challenge

Ok May is upon us and this month I decided to pit 2 new to the area chains against each other. The deal is you try and hit these 2 spots in May. Shoot me an email: with which one was your favorite and a few lines about why.  You can also mail us on facebook and join the group there.

our first Contender is:

Five Guys Burger and Fries

they have 3 chicago locations:

2140 N Clybourn, 60614

2368 N Clark St, 60614

6477 N Sheriden rd, 60626

and one in oak park


The Counter

only one Chicago location:

666 W Diversey Parkway
Chicago IL 60614

Let the slap done begin!!!!

National Hamburger Month

May is National Hamburger Month!! So what way better than burger club to celebrate. Either come out to our delayed April chow down on Wednesday at 6pm at DMK Burger bar or wait for this months meet up. And of course there is always our monthly burger challenge to get your fix on.

BC abroad-Dallas

I went to Dallas, Tx this past weekend. I knew it be a good steer eating town, there had to be some good burgers. I choose a local place called The Twisted Root Burger Co.  This place was started by some chefs who wanted some damn good food. Everything is made in house from the burgers and shakes to the 3 kinds of pickles and kick ass ketchup on the tables. I had to walk a mile through the Dallas wasteland aka thier downtown on a hot saturday afternoon to get to this meaty oasis.

This place rocks!! There was  a line to the door. You go in order and are given a colored laminate sqaure with a pop icon reference (mine was Daisy Duke). When your food is ready you go up and get it from the window. In the meantime you snag a table and a beer and wait. Great people watching, it is loud there and you have to pay attention when the intercom starts asking for Bond, James Bond or whoever’s food is up.

I was so torn with what to get as they have a lot of types of burgers. Besides beef, turkey and vegetarian they also offer buffalo and venison. There are many types of fried options and even a menu category called sissy food for the salad eaters.

After much debate (luckily I was in line for a while) I went with the Western burger (pepperjack cheese, bacon, fried onions and jalapenos) cooked medium rare. They do have a sign up front stating they cook all burgers medium well and if you want it otherwise you better order it that way.I couldn’t choose one side so I ordered the Fride Ride, a sampling of all things fried (curly fries, sweet potato chips, green beans, pickles and onions served with 2 kinds of ranch). I went with cold bottled beer which they had a good selection my choice was to toss down a few Nerga Modelo.

The Fride Ride

I snagged some of the pickles they have near the register (bread and butter, dill and spicy all made there) and grabbed a seat with my friend (who declined to order..wimp) . I was on my second beer when my name was called. What I brought back was heaven. The fride ride was a heaping basket of perfectly battered and fried  goodness.  The sweet potato chips and green beans were the best Ive had yet. My guest couldn’t resist either and tucked in a fair amount.

The burger was massive.  The bun was solid and the toppings were in excess for sure. I used some of the house made Dijon-horseradish mustard on the burger and had used the house ketchup and BBQ sauce as well on the fride ride. All 3 condiments were superb. It was a great taste balance and the bacon the cut into smaller bite sized pieces which gave some smokiness to each bite. The patty was a shade over cooked , closer to medium but the flavor…the flavor of the patty was amazing. it was rich in beef flavor and had been well seasoned . I actually half way through the burger stripped off the bun and toppings and ate the rest of the patty solo, it was so good on its own.

I only hope they can move one of these up here. It was tasty and affordable. They have a few TX location so check them out if you can.

Aprils Burger Meet

Ok burger fans Ive had a hectic month so have totally slacked on settign this up.

Friday night an early dinner 6:00pm at:

DMK Burger Bar

2954 N. Sheffield Ave

(between Oakdale Ave & Wellington Ave)
Chicago, IL 60657
Neighborhood: Lakeview

(773) 360-8686

be there or be square.
There are 4 days left to get your April burger challenge in.
So far the reviews have split. I in a gluttony of burgerness this week will be going tonight to eat at both establishments.